Monday, January 23, 2012

Letter to the editor- Angry Alison

I'm glad some people are finally speaking up about student behavior in the Buffalo Public Schools. There have been at least three letters this week in the Buffalo News pointing the finger where it needs to be pointed: at unruly and disrespectful students.

Sam Radford and the group Citizen Action think it is the teachers' job to raise children. Parents of the schoolchildren are not held accountable in their view, because that wouldn't be politically correct. These people live on Mars and have no idea how poorly behaved many (not all) students are in the Buffalo Schools. The students demand (not ask) to use the bathroom. They are outraged that anyone should tell them to put their cell phones away during class. Many feel it is within their rights to walk around and disrupt the class. Despite being given everything for free, they can't be bothered to show up with pens, paper, etc. Fortunately, people with common sense are starting to respond to the kooks who want to blame the adults in the buildings. We're living in the real world, bleeding hearts. Go into the classrooms at some of these schools and see what is really going on. This isn't some kind of Michelle Pfeiffer movie we're talking about...

Don't blame teachers for terrible behavior

I am a Buffalo teacher and a Buffalo Teachers Federation Executive Committee member. I am writing in response to the article, “Dozens take district to task over suspensions.”

Suspensions are not given for minor offenses and primarily to “students of color.” There are rules of behavior for students. If they disobey these rules, whether the child is white, black or purple, rich or poor, there are consequences. Cellphone use, tardiness, destroying school property, bringing in weapons, wandering the halls, swearing and fighting are not just minor offenses. I have witnessed a child saying, “get off my d---” after being politely asked to sit down, a student screaming, “what the f---are you looking at” to a teacher, texting to arrange fights and lavatory destruction. Despicable!

Students are not “kicked out of school and put into the streets.” There is protocol and behavior modification plans. Work is given to suspended students. There is not “a lack of black history taught in the schools.” Black history is integrated into our entire curriculum. Black History Month is also celebrated. There are not “too few black teachers.” Students should behave for and learn from any teacher, regardless of color. There is no place for racial bias and bigotry.

Parents must take responsibility for their children. Children are “dying in the streets” not because of teachers, but because of poor parenting. Know where your children are at all times. Ten-year-old children should not be out roaming the streets at midnight. Insist on proper bed times so that your children can make it to school on time. Read to them. Make sure that they complete their homework. Attend meetings even if they are “not on the bus line.” Find a way to be an integral part of your child’s life. Parent your children!

Alison Hall


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