Saturday, January 7, 2012

Coverup in Wienckowski case continues

Despite her naked, frozen body being found in a garbage tote, Erie County officials are sticking to their claim that Amanda Wienckowski died of a drug overdose.

The victim's family paid for a second autopsy, which had significantly different findings.

The second autopsy, conducted by West Coast pathologist Dr. Silvia O. Comparini, found Wienckowski was beaten, raped and strangled.

Oh, by the way, the last person seen with Wienckowski has been accused of violently assaulting two other women in the past. Sounds like the Erie County officials are trying to cover up for their own incompetence. Just think about this quote from Wienckowski's mother, Leslie Brill...

“My last question is if the girl found frozen and naked and beaten had been a council-man’s [or] congressman’s daughter, do you think there would have been a search, an investigation and an arrest made?” Brill said.

“The Constitution states that all men are created equal, and we should all be equally protected by it. That has not been my experience.”

Truer words were never spoken. As I've stated before, Erie County officials have underestimated Brill's resolve. She will not let her daughter's death go unpunished.



  1. On 1/7/12 (tomorrow) Please tune to AM radio 930 at (12:00 noon). Kathy Weppner will be discussing Amanda Wienckowski’s death and how Erie County’s ME’s Office was allowed to review their own absurd autopsy findings.

    I wonder how many Cops would rob banks if they were allowed to investigate the robbery?

    The original Autopsy was conducted on (elected) Dr. Anthony Billittier’s watch and signed by ...four of his appointed employees. This Autopsy failed to note the latter found evidence of strangulation, genital trauma, GHB (date rape drug) and blunt force injuries that Amanda sustained. All were commented upon in Dr. Silvia Comparini’s report that is viewable on Artvoice in PDF format.

    Even an inept moron would label her death at least SUSPICIOUS.

    Thank you Buffalo for your support and generosity to achieve justice in this Matter. You see the way our elected leaders want to do their jobs and spend OUR tax money.

  2. thank you for the comment. i work overnight tonight, so i'm not sure if i will catch the segment tomorrow at noon (might be asleep). say strong. justice will prevail.

  3. Thanks for your blog post Mike! Amanda will be on WBEN 930 again tomorrow at 12pm. You could listen through their live web feed! Thanks a million for helping get attention! Amanda was a great person.