Monday, January 16, 2012

Congressman Carl?

From this week's Artvoice... This would be an interesting race, featuring two South Buffalo political heavyweights...

• There is much muttering, too, about the possibility of Republican developer Carl Paladino challenging Democratic Congressman Brian Higgins. Paladino is a frequent critic of Higgins, which is awkward: They’re related by marriage.

From what I heard, Higgins' thugs threatened Paladino with bad press should he run for Governor a few years back. Not long after he announced his candidacy, the off color emails surfaced. They were leaked to WNY Media.NET, a left leaning website. Carl never forgets. Caught in the middle of this is the Hannon family, one of the nicest families in South Buffalo (See, I'm not always mean. I just tell it like it is.)


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