Friday, January 20, 2012

Jim Palano retiring from Bishop Timon

Jim Palano is retiring at the end of the school year after devoting himself to the students at Bishop Timon for 39 years...

"I gave it a lot of thought," he said. "A lot of it is my family — my kids are now out of town, my grandkids are out of town, my dad now spends half the winter in Florida. I've pretty much put Timon ahead of family all of my life, and I want to spend more time with them, maybe turn the page and flip-flop it a bit.

Like his legendary father, Jim Palano has really given his life to the school. I helped coach soccer a few years back and Mr. Palano was very supportive of our efforts. In my opinion, he always had the students' best interests in mind when making tough decisions involving all the various teams at the school. Following in his father's footsteps must have been very tough, but I thought he handled it well. Timon's a sports minded school and Mel Palano, who I still consider the best teacher I ever had, was a larger than life figure in the community. Coaching is not easy, and and Bishop Timon has had to overcome low enrollment numbers in comparison to the larger schools (St. Joes, Canisius, St. Francis). 39 years is an incredible amount of time to devote to one place. Mr. Palano was an excellent Phys Ed as well as Biology teacher when I attended the school in Prehistoric times. More importantly, those who know him, know him to be a stand up guy. He will be greatly missed by the community. Bishop Timon will not be the same without a Palano at the helm.

Palano in final season; Timon to be in good hands



  1. hahahahaahhahahahahahaha you're being sarcastic right? Jim Palano is one of the most underhanded shadiest characters to ever walk through the doors of BTSJ. Between stealing student-athletes uniform "deposits", making great athletes transfer to rival schools over the years( Muscynski, McCarthy, etc.), and continually losing championships to Canisus and St. Joes this guy has been a albatross around the neck of our once great high school for 39 years. Good Riddance! Let me also say that your blog is such a blatent piece of ass kissing, you may be able to also land a high paying job on Andrew Cuomo's staff.

  2. The man devoted his life for 39 years and he doesn't deserve some recognition? I can only speak towards how he treated me.

    If you think my blog is a blatant piece of ass kissing, you haven't read it very much.I've criticized many people on here, and I always attach my name to my posts. You're entitled to your opinion, though.

  3. The only reason i didnt attach my name to my post is because i still support the school and wouldnt want to be ostrasized from future events by other alumni who have carried on the South Buffalo tradition of drinking the Palano kool-aid. I never played for Mel, but his record and legend suggest that he was a great coach. I did, however, play basketball and baseball for Jim during my 4 years at Timon. I saw the way he treated certain athletes as oppossed to how he treated his favorites. Being an adolescent at the time, i didnt know how to handle it. Now being older and wiser I cannot believe that he has held such a position of authority in a school that is suppossed to be raising young men to be future leaders. Plain and simple, the man should not have been coaching high school athletes. "Stand up guy" is the last words I would use to describe him. Vindictive, manipulative, slimy, cheap, and conniving would be much more accurate.
    In one of your older post, you criticize the hiring of Charlie Comerford as football coach and even predicted them to have a losing record. Although the coaching staff worked hard and also put a suprisingly competitive team on the field, how do you think Charlie and his staff got the job? Thats right, Charlie was one of his "boys". Now you wait and see who takes the baseball team after this season. My guess is it will be another one of Jim Palanos pet projects with the initials of J.M.
    Now having said all that, if you do not agree, maybe you should just check his record in championship games against our rival schools. The man has been outcoached for years in he biggest games. Besides not being able to teach his players how to be off the field, he obviously is just as inept teaching them on the field.