Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Citizen Action and the School Bored

Although well intentioned, the people from Citizen Action are woefully out of touch with what is going on in the Buffalo Public Schools. The bleeding hearts, who took some time off from pretending to sleep out in Niagara Square, chanted "Books, not prisons!" and paraded a bunch of minority handcuffed-wearing children around at tonight's school board meeting. But I didn't hear one of them accept responsibility for the overall piss-poor behavior of the students at the lower performing schools. I guess it's much easier to thump ones chest and protest than to actually talk about personal responsibility and good parenting.

One woman said the death of a student at a bus stop would "never be allowed at a suburban school". This tragic death had everything to do with society and nothing to do with the school. Does she ever stop to think why most parents left the city in the first place? So their kids wouldn't have to sit next to the angels (white and black) constantly disrupting class on a daily basis, with their outbursts and overall ignorant behavior.

By the way, despite what Citizen Action would have you believe, the Buffalo Public Schools' policies are not racist (and nobody has criticized the board and administrators more than I). Ask the well behaved kids from Somalia, Nigeria, and Burma if the current suspension policies are racist. They are just as puzzled by the boorish behavior of the American born students as school employees and the rest of us are. It all starts with attitude and an appreciation for education. Stop blaming everyone else and simply raise your children. If your kids weren't acting like fools, they wouldn't have to worry about getting suspended...

Handcuffed students protest suspensions:


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