Monday, January 9, 2012

Go Packers

OK, this Tim Tebow 3:16 crap is really starting to annoy me. In case you didn't know it, Denver's quarterback threw for 316 yards yesterday in the Broncos victory over someone. I missed the game, as I happened to be watching some reruns of Sanford & Son. However, I did hear that he threw a terrific pass in overtime for the win.

Even the craziest holy rollers realize that people will laugh at them if they say God is speaking to us through football. If someone rushes for 666 yards in a season, does that mean we should start worshiping the devil? So, instead they'll chuckle about Tebow's stat and say it's merely a coincidence. But in their hearts, the most brainwashed Bible Bangers will really think there is some kind of correlation.

People have a right to worship whoever or however they want to. I have and continue to have many friends who worship in a thousand different ways. Just don't try and push it on me. If religion helps cure someone's drinking or drug problems or makes them a better person, I'm all for it. I'd rather have them walk around reciting Bible verses than hitting me with their cars after a night of binging on Bloody Marys' at Stankeys. However, most religions (with the exception of snake worshipers) are more like cults to me. They all have weird rituals and silly chants (especially the Catholics). The primary objective is to raise money. By "saving", they mean bringing in more recruits and and 10% of their income. I know. I'm going to hell for writing this. Do you mind if I take a nap first?

Next week, I'll be writing about why I think Facebook was invented by the Chinese to cause internal strife and slowly destroy our country...


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