Monday, January 30, 2012

Typical city hall politics

There is a terribly run down house on Vermont Street. The rest of the street is well kept. Quick, somebody call a building inspector. Oh, wait. The house is owned by a building inspector!...

The house belongs to Joseph M. Latona. He is a city building inspector whose rental property sat vacant and boarded-up for months and is now about to be foreclosed upon.

"It's bringing the whole neighborhood down," said Tom Persico, who owns an auto repair shop on Vermont Street. "If it's foreclosed, at least, hopefully, somebody will do something with the property. He never took care of it."

This would seem to fall upon Chief Building Inspector Louis Petrucci to put the neighborhood ahead of city hall politics, so don't hold your breath...

Petrucci said extenuating circumstances led to Latona getting behind in his mortgage payments and the house going into foreclosure. He declined to say what those circumstances are, but it's believed to be related to the break-up of Latona's marriage.

There's your answer. Lou will never do the right thing. He does not work for the people on Vermont Street. He works for the Democratic party and whoever pulls his strings in city hall. The only way to get a positive result is to keep up the pressure on him. But whatever you do, don't take him at his word or you will surely be disappointed. He has no problem lying. In fact, it's a well known hobby of his...

City inspector's home a blight on West Side street


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