Saturday, January 28, 2012

Senate redistricting


Reading the article on New York State's redistricted State Senate districts, I was intrigued by the last paragraph involving Tim "Hortons" Kennedy's current seat...

Though the district of Sen. Timothy M. Kennedy, D-Buffalo, now includes new turf in Democratic enclaves like the East Side and Cheektowaga, sources in both areas said Friday they see no potential primary challengers at this point.

Not so fast. I'm open to anything that can rid us of this human infomercial for Brian Higgins. Little Timmy is incapable of original thought. He campaigned on a "change Albany" platform and has given us nothing but the same old status quo. Every time he attempts to speak in public, he loses votes. He sounds like he just swallowed a helium-filled balloon and it's always the party line or some ridiculous cheer-leading speech.

Cheerleading Decor

He's terrible. Give me six free months to educate his constituents about him, I wouldn't care how many votes I got.

Some people hate free for alls, but I love them.

I have no problem finishing in 3rd place if it means taking some votes away from this rocket scientist. The only way to prove you have any political juice in this area is to run for office. With the power of the internet, a well educated person doesn't need any money to get their ideas out. I would be open to meeting with any Democrat from the East side or Cheektowaga looking for a three person primary. This is a democracy the last time I checked, isn't it?

Candidates evaluate new districts

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  1. Mike,

    there are a few well known activists in the areas you mentioned considering a race against Kennedy. i will inbox you their contact information. you're not the only one who wants to see this clown go.