Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Remove Richard Anderson from Amherst town board

After Amherst town board member Richard "Jay" Anderson was called to duty for the Navy Reserves, he used a little known codicil in the Amherst Constitution to have his daddy sit in for him.

His father is former State Assemblyman Rick Anderson, Sr. After all, this is Western New York, where the old politicians never leave. They just linger around like contagious fungi. Now it seems that dad can't be bothered to attend the town board meetings because he "winters" in Florida.

These days, however, Town Board members are wondering if the replacement needs replacing, since Anderson Sr. is wintering in Florida and isn’t scheduled to return until late April or May.

Talk about entitled. Did you ever notice the only people "wintering" in Florida are the ones who made their living off the taxpayers of Western New York ?(see Jim Keane). I'm disappointed in the residents of Amherst. Get rid of this carpetbagging loser and replace him with someone from the private sector, who actually lives here year round. What a joke!...

Amherst officials debate replacing Anderson’s replacement


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