Sunday, January 1, 2012


Has anyone been following the story of the "Geezer Bandit"? He's the old man who has been robbing banks in the California area.

He is responsible for at least 16 holdups in California. The FBI now thinks he is a younger guy in an elaborate Halloween costume. The guy probably has stolen a few million dollars, but greed will eventually lead to his downfall. At least I hope so...

Based on surveillance video and witness interviews at the site of the bandit's latest heist — the Bank of America in San Luis Obispo, hit Dec. 2 — the FBI is now working on the theory that the robber has been faking all along.

A search warrant was served on a costume store in the San Luis Obispo area, demanding a list of all customers who bought a mask known as The Elder.

Geezer Bandit may not be a geezer

I've been watching FBI Files on YouTube and came across a similar case from several years ago in the state of Washington. The FBI dubbed Scott Surlock "the Hollywood Bandit." He went into banks dressed in obvious makeup. He was an amateur actor in real life. One of the law enforcement guys in the show says that 99% of bank robbers are desperate people, hooked on drugs or addicted to gambling. They are easy to catch, he says. The other 1% are professional thieves, who really plan out their crimes methodically.

Scurlock robbed 14 banks and the FBI didn't have a clue as to his identity until they rushed to the scene of his last holdup. He would buy a cheap getaway car with cash. Then, he would flee in the car (Some witnesses even wrote down the license plate #, which was still in the name of the previous owner.) Then he would drive to his van, which had been parked in an adjacent neighborhood and change out of his costume. I found this episode to be a good one and it will be interesting to see how they catch the Geezer Bandit. Listen, you little whipper snappers! Get the hell off my lawn!


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