Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another day at Riverside

Most people will see this for what it is, an out of control teenager with zero discipline and no respect for authority. But, I'm sure the folks at Citizen Action will find a way to blame the attack on the teacher or school administrators. See, it could have been prevented had the teachers been better parents, err, supervisors. It couldn't have anything to do with poor or nonexistent parenting skills at home. Could it?...

Girl,16, charged in attack on another female student

A 16-year-old Riverside High School student was arrested by Buffalo police after she allegedly attacked another female student at about 11 a. m. Thursday at the school at 51 Ontario St.

After school officials stopped the classroom attack, the girl was charged by Officers Michael Bennett and Joseph Paolucci with third-degree assault and harassment and taken downtown for booking.

The victim told the officers and school officials her attacker entered her classroom and punched and slapped her and hit her on the head. The victim, who complained of pain and had noticeable swelling, agreed to seek hospital treatment.

Girl, 16, charged in attack on another female student


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