Tuesday, January 17, 2012

LeRoy girls interviewed on MSNBC

From MSNBC: First footage of the students from LeRoy, NY with Tourette's symptoms. The brunette definitely has something going on. She's moving like Michael J. Fox' daughter. The blonde in this clip showed no symptoms until 5:00 but then begins to twitch a little. Time will tell with this one. The students and parents are clearly unhappy with the government's response so far...

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  1. Couldn't post this on the City Hall corruption article for some reason!?!? Wanted to pass along some info I found on Buffalo News on-line. If you go to City & Region section and click on the link for Special Reports, you can get salary / payroll information (including overtime amounts) for any City or County employee. Very valuable tool for a modern day muckraker !

  2. thanks for the info. i'll have to check it out.