Friday, January 27, 2012

I warned you about this guy


I told you when Andrew was campaigning for Governor to hold onto your wallets. The Cuomos like nothing better than spending your money. In the midst of the biggest recession in New York state history, Cuomo thinks the time is right to give his Commissioners pay raises. He feels the need to increase their already bloated six figure salaries in order to attract "top talent."

Don't fall for his nonsensical B.S. Top talent? Is that what he calls these clowns? Every business and non-profit in the state is trying to make due with less, and Andrew thinks we should pay these bozos more of our money? Talented at what, kissing ass? He must realize they need more money in order to afford his expensive fundraisers. I mean, seriously, that is the only "talent" they have.

Please tell us what talent Sam Hoyt possesses, besides being a career politician and the son of Bill Hoyt. None of these lowlifes will get any raises if the blogosphere has anything to do with it. This is right out of the tired playbook of another former Cuomo, the scam artist known as Mario...


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