Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I regret writing the Byron Brown, Jr. story the other day. I had gotten the information from a friend of mine who did get it from a high ranking police official. The high ranking police official was wrong and so was I for believing it. It appears as though he is not in this upcoming class of recruits. But one thing this does do is open up a debate on zone scoring (the idea the politicians came up with to sneak in their friends and relatives). For a great explanation of how the political people do this, please read this article...

I don't claim to be an investigative reporter and will no longer be printing scoops such as this one. I'm much more comfortable talking about things known to be factual. I will continue writing about things that the mainstream media are afraid to touch. There are enough corrupt things going on in city hall and elsewhere to fill my blog each day. Should the young Brown enter the police academy in the future, you can bet there will be an article on him on this site.

This rumor had been going around. It was on a well known police website a few days before I wrote it. I suspect the truth lies somewhere in between. You can bet the scumbags that be are trying to sneak him in somewhere. Don't be surprised to see young Byron working in a high paid public sector position as soon as he is done with college. For those of you who took the police test, I think it would be interesting to compare the scores of the recruits with those not chosen for the class. As the author of the above link accurately points out, the political class takes care of their friends, relatives, and donors regardless of how they do on the exam.



  1. The "well known police website" you refer to is in no way affiliated or sanctioned by any police department. It is a blog where anonymous posters start / spread lies and rumors.

  2. yes. i think it started out as all cops, but then some imposters joined. it can be entertaining to read sometimes. probably a wrong choice of words on my part.