Friday, January 13, 2012

More clues coming out of LeRoy

Government officials say they know what is causing the outbreak of Tourette's-like symptoms at LeRoy High School...only they cant tell the public...or the parents of the girls affected. They claim it is not related to Gardasil, a vaccine used prevent STD's. However, some people in the private medical field seem to think otherwise.

If it's not Gardasil, then what is it? Some conspiracy theorists think the government officials are protecting the drug company Merck by not pointing the finger at them. They also say the mainstream media will follow suit. Time will tell and the truth will come out eventually. In the meantime, here is a great comment I saw underneath the story...

"So the administrators now say they know what it is, but they can't say. This is what we get from government these days - they protect themselves only. They forget they're working for us, and us alone. They won't even tell the parents of the affected children. You can't get anything out of a civil servant. Folks, it's us and them, and they need to go." Hugh Beaumont...



  1. Dude, seriously irresponsible stuff on your part here. If not Gardasil what could it be? Oh, potentially only about a million other things. Talk about coming from left field. There have been a spate of bank robberies by teenage girls. It must be Gardasil! Buying into such conspiratorial nonsense does nothing to enhance your credibility. Thank God you're not manning the epidemiology hotline.

    Your blog is highly entertaining, and I hit it almost every day, but stuff like this really makes you look a bit off kilter. As you said with the BB Jr. mea culpa, which was big of you, you are not an investigative journalist. However, you should put a little thought into something like this before you listen to some crackpot spouting their anti-big business conspiracy theories. Thanks.

  2. Thanks. I guess my distrust of government and big business got the best of me. They are now saying the illnesses were likely caused by "mass hysteria". There were so many people commenting underneath this story regarding Gardasil. It must be a very controversial drug in the medical community. I assumed (incorrectly) that they had some inside information regarding this case. I do buy the government's diagnosis of mass hysteria. However, by not informing the community right away, they opened themselves up for the conspiracy wackos. In any event, I don't remember ever seeing anything like this around here in all my years.

  3. Mass Hysteria? That's the official explanation....As in the Salem witch trials? Maybe they should instead check for ergot in the rye bread. The government explanation sounds more wacko than the conspiracy theories.