Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reaction to city clerk story

The short story about potential corruption in the city clerk's office is really going around city hall fast. It makes you wonder what is really going on over there. The person who contacted me says he has seven individuals, willing to talk about what he calls "unprecedented widespread corruption" within the department.

I did receive this anonymous (of course) comment from the new council faction regarding the matter...

Much of this corruption took place when your boy Mick Kearns and his gang took over the majority. It was well known in City Hall that many of those appointed by the old majority, many who were Kearns appointees, were taking advantage of the support of the council member who sponsored them and the clerk has all the proof on many of them. No one could say anything because they would be fired by the old majority. Council staff and clerks office personnel were strong armed to support the Kearns, Locutro, Rivera agenda and if you did not you were gone.

It's a misconception that I am a big supporter of Mickey Kearns. I have friends who work for him and he has a great family, but the last time I checked, he wasn't signing my checks. Mickey, like every other politician, worries about Mickey and whatever works for him in the short term. I'm surprised neither one of these politicians (Kearns or Fahey) has contacted the Blogger yet for his support. If the primary were held today for NY state Assemblyman, I might not even bother to show up.

If you have specific information on Mickey's appointees, please feel free to share it here. I believe corruption is corruption and it needs to be exposed. If I was aligned with anyone, then maybe I would have been one of those appointees and I'd have health insurance. I'll simply put the former employees (from both sides) on camera and let them tell their side of the story. What do I have to lose?...


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  1. Hey its good to know the clerks got our backs. Horseshit,on more than one day he was doing his daughters homework in his office.

    The jobs the people in that office do are important. the head councilman was told by an office worker that those jobs should be civil service. those people are taking care of important records. there were workers that had no idea how to do a birth certificate.

    Some employees who were fired have more knowledge than the clerk. The disgruntled fired employees are more than ready to go in front of the council and discuss the matter.