Thursday, January 26, 2012

NFTA fare hike scam

Bus riders: Don't fall for the NFTA's latest scam. You might remember a few months ago, they announced they would be drastically cutting some popular bus routes. People who used those routes to get to work were understandably outraged. Now, the suits are saying they can avoid cutting the routes by raising the fares. They even have the audacity to claim the riders are more than willing to pay the higher rates in order to keep the popular routes!

"It's based on the comments," Executive Director Kimberley A. Minkel said of the revised plan. "We had close to 400 emails, and overwhelmingly the comment was: 'Please don't cut my service; I would gladly pay a fare increase.'"

Stop lying, Kimbo. Nobody is sending you emails thanking you for raising the rates. Do you think the Blogger is that stupid? Nice try, though. Don't fall for this blatant ploy, citizens. If the NFTA were a business, it would have went bankrupt years ago. They make zero profit, yet have loads of bureaucrats walking around collecting hefty salaries. The people at the top live by Spaulding Lake and have probably never taken a metro bus in their lives.

My advice to bus riders: Find out exactly how much the top level crooks over there make, show up to this meeting, write letters to the paper, and publicly ask them if any of them would consider taking pay cuts. If this doesn't work, I suggest throwing things at them. Only in Governmentland can you run a business poorly, lose money, and still pay yourself and your friends hefty salaries. The people at the top have missed the bus.

Riders spur NFTA to rethink cutbacks

Be heard. Show up to the meeting this Tuesday at 2PM at City Hall and tell Kim Minkel and her fellow scam artists where they can stick it...
Council invites public to speak about NFTA bus plan



  1. I don't think the 'afro sheen' comment and video were called for. There aren't that many black people on Mass Transit, and even fewer wear that product. Plus, I don't find the subway or busses to be dirty. If you were striving for some humor in your otherwise insightful article, you failed, and as a black man, I'm offended!

  2. You are 100% right. Not only was it in poor taste, it wasn't even funny. I apologize. As soon as I read your comment, I realized that I made a bad mistake. I would have deleted it sooner but I was out coaching tonight. Thanks for pointing it out. I like to be politically incorrect, but that "joke" wasn't funny and was downright dumb on my part.