Monday, January 16, 2012

Cell phone guy disrupts NY Philharmonic

We've all heard the annoying ring tones go off in public places. Then, there's the guy who thinks everyone in the office/restaurant wants to hear about how well his Fantasy Football team is doing. There needs to be a serious war on obnoxious cell phone user. An IPhone went off during a performance of the New York Philharmonic on Tuesday. Apparently, it was an alarm and the new user had no idea how to turn it off. So, he just let it keep ringing. I'm glad the conductor stopped the performance. We need more people like him to stop this nonsense...

The Wall Street Journal reports that when an iPhone's distinctive "Marimba" ringtone initially went off, Gilbert turned his head to signal his displeasure. But the ringing from the first row persisted and minutes went by.

Gilbert asked that the offending noise be turned off and finally stopped the orchestra until it was. The audience gasped. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal Wednesday, Gilbert claimed the ringtone ruined his concentration during the symphony's "most intense, most sublime, most emotional place."

"Marimba" ringtone halts NY Philharmonic - CBS News


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