Monday, January 2, 2012

Trouble in paradise

You won't be reading about this in the Metro Community News. We're not ones to gossip, but a source in Orchard Park tell us that a longtime priest from St Thomas Aquinas Church has left or temporarily left his new parish. There must not have been enough television cameras or politicians out there. Oh, wait. Did I say that out loud?

The priests I knew from St. Agatha's when I was a parishioner there, were some of the greatest people I've ever met. They would help anybody and dedicated their lives to the Church. I can say the same thing about priests from Bishop Timon and elsewhere. Like any other profession, there are some that give the majority a bad name. Anyone with half of a brain could see through this fraud. If you had money or influence, he was your best friend. Otherwise, forget it. I saw this firsthand. I'll be waiting to hear the most overused word of the 20th Century American Catholic Church soon: "reassigned".


  1. KEANE MOVED TO ORCHARD PARK..... and the buyer is a Buffalo firefighter that could have bought in the burbs if he wanted to