Sunday, January 15, 2012

Corruption in city clerk's office

Hello all you city hall employees. It's Monday morning. I'm glad to see you're all hard at work reading the blog. Actually, you're off today because of the holiday.

What's going on in the City Clerk's Department these days? I was contacted recently by a former employee, with tales of nepotism, no-show jobs, and widespread corruption within the department. There was even one story of an employee taking a week long tropical vacation, yet reporting in her time-sheets that she was hard at work in city hall. The things you can get away with when your relatives run the department...

I urged the whistle blower to report these incidents for further investigation. The last I heard, he was considering contacting the FBI with his information.



  1. Much of this corruption too place when your boy Mick Kearns and his gang took over the majority. It was well known in City Hall that many of those appointed by the old majority, many who were Kerns appointees, were taking advantage of the support of the council member who sponsored them and the clerk has all the proof on many of them. No one could say anything because they would be fired by the old majority. Council staff and clerks office personnel were strong armed to support the Kearns, Locutro, Rivera agenda and if you did not you were gone. The tension within the council is already eroding just two weeks into the new majority's tenure. It's the first time 6 years the council is not being run like the soviet union. I hope someone does do an investigation because the old majority, minus Fontana would be sunk.

  2. Corruption is corruption. Regardless of who was behind it, I'd like to see it exposed. I don't work for Mickey Kearns.

  3. about how many people did Mickey appoint? i'm curious as to how many jobs council members have to give out.