Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year

Some Elmwood Village residents found parking tickets on their cars on New Year's Day. The city has the right to ticket people for violating the rules. However, is there anyone out there naive enough to think it's anything but a money grab by the city?

"I'm not disputing the fact of what the rules are, or the city's right to enforce them," replied Tritto. "But I think there was an honest assumption on the part of people that the rules would not be enforced on a holiday. What I'm also saying is that if you want people to feel welcome in your city...then we want city hall to show some common respect to residents."

Kevin Helfer is a liar and a phony who should have stuck to landscaping.The city under the false pretense of public safety, uses the alternate parking as a major money grab. It's just another racket so they can steal more of our money and hire more of their relatives. If you move your car 15 minutes early, they ticket you. If you are 15 minutes late, they ticket you. The losers in those stupid trucks are like modern day tax collectors from Biblical times.

I think they should make a game out of it. Let them ticket everyone, but also let us throw eggs and tomatoes at the lowlife scum they send out to write the tickets. Next time the guy shows up on my street, I might get a bullhorn and make fun of him from my second story porch. If I wanted to live in a police state, I'd move to North Korea...

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  1. I never go downtown due to danger and parking issues.