Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No raises for NY state lawmakers

New York state lawmakers are quietly trying to give themselves raises again. These scum make $80,000/year for a part time job that they are poor at. Even their own leader admits that many (all) do their jobs on a part time basis...

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said he thinks lawmakers deserve more money. "Well, obviously it's never a good time to make the case and I'm not making the case," Silver told WNYT-TV. "I am saying that members work hard, many of them are full time legislators."

"Many" of them. Unbelievable. The taxpayers have already spoken out on this issue and are dead set against any pay raises. If any of these talentless vultures are unhappy with their pay, they are free to look for work elsewhere. Tim "Hortons" Kennedy ran on a "Change Albany" slogan. We'll be waiting for him to come out with a statement opposing these ridiculous raises. Don't hold your breath.

Should NYS Legislators Get a Raise? | wgrz.com


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