Thursday, January 12, 2012

Collins and Poloncarz fight over a toy radio

If you want to watch a funny news story, you have to watch this clip. Mark Poloncarz and former County Executive Chris Collins are publicly bickering over some emergency radios in Collins' car. Poloncarz even had Collins' paycheck withheld until the matter was resolved. Don't these guys have anything more important to do?

Collins said he refused to have Emergency Service Crews touch his car because that department is now run by Dan Neaverth, Jr. (He implies that the son of the famous local D.J. might tamper with his car.) You might remember Collins unceremoniously tossed Danny out on his fanny at the end of his administration. About the only thing I learned from this story is that Chris Collins has a nice car. Hey Ritchie Rich: Bill Cosby called. He wants his sweater back...

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