Friday, January 27, 2012

Entire family breaks 7th Commandment

"Hey kids, get your coats! We're going out to steal things that others have worked hard for!"

What is the definition of a lowlife? Teiaya White, of Buffalo,
a 33 year old mom who allegedly hired her kids and their young friends to shoplift for her...

"She was literally taking a bunch of kids out and would wait for them to steal," Amherst Detective Lt. Joseph A. LaCorte said. "I think it is despicable. She's using the system. She knows if the kids get caught, not much will happen to them, and she walks away clean. Hopefully, the courts will take this as seriously as we do."

The big question now is, what punishment will she receive from the criminal justice system, a system which she is clearly playing? I'd be interested in knowing what schools the Buffalo woman's children and their friends attend, also. Just so critics of the Buffalo teachers could see the type of kids they are challenged with each day. I'd also like to know more about the family's father and how much of a role he has in the lives of his offspring, if any.

The type of items being stolen lead Amherst police to suspect encouragement from mom...

Amherst police wonder why youngsters ranging in age from 12 to 14 would steal items generally not associated with youthful thievery.

"There was an electronic tablet, but the other items stolen included steaks, a toaster oven, cigars and a comforter," LaCorte said.

Hopefully, the judge will come down hard on everyone involved here. This is yet another example of people not recognizing the value of things, because they are used to the government giving them everything for free. It's hard to blame the children involved when they have role models like this. There's no reason for society to turn a blind eye to criminal behavior. If the children are not taught ethical behavior from the adults in their lives, the system needs to give them real consequences. This stuff happens because we continue to allow it.

Mom charged in children's shoplifting


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