Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dave Comerford gives himself huge raise during a recession

How much is one's integrity worth? $105,900.00. Just ask Dave Comerford. That's how much he will get after his new raise takes effect. It must be nice to vote yourself a raise while most of your neighbors are struggling to pay their bills. Then again, most of his neighbors on Whitehall St. aren't selling their pride out on the street like Dave is.
Buffalo News
By the time the third raise takes effect, Comerford's current $97,900 salary will increase to more than $105,900. By comparison, Mayor Byron W. Brown makes $105,000.
The city's police, fire and finance commissioners all currently make more money than the mayor.
Comerford made no apologies for his raises, citing the authority's track record in holding down costs and sewer rates.
"For a CEO that's running a $53 million corporation with 200 employees, I think it's fair compensation," he said.

The funniest part of this whole article is that Comerford really believes he's a CEO. If he was in fact a great manager, he surely would be managing a business in the private sector, where he could earn considerably more money. Then again, if he did, he might actually have to be accountable to someone and achieve results. But instead, he's been on the public dole since the Bills won the AFC East title in 1980.
The authority has an aging work force said Comerford, so he expects new employees to be hired in the coming years.
We all know what that means. Expect to see more of Dave's young and displaced relatives at the Sewer Authority soon. Remember, when a Comerford tells you "Byron Brown has been great for the city", they really mean Byron Brown has been great for the Comerfords. Fortunately, 2/3 of South Buffalo are on to their dreadful act. You can come after me all you want. Blame the messenger. We'll let the citizens read the facts and decide for themselves.


  1. Doesn't every one in south Buffalo make $60 dollars an hour, or about $480 dollars a day.

  2. But what are you saying? He's a CEO!

  3. Dave has a lot of ' friends'. Like the friends of byron brown $3500. Jim kean $600, tim howard $250, bonie russel $200 , jessica maglieto $100, peter savage $100 , tim kennedy, joe golembek and antoine thompson are all his friends too if you look up comerford on the erie county board of election site. Mary comerford from the same address gave the same amount of money to the same people as did a jim comerford. What giving people.

  4. And you are a substitute teacher.....Maybe some day you will have a full time job and at that point you will stop blogging like a high school kid. Obviously you are very jealous. Do something with your life and stop ridiculing others.

  5. Actually, while I was going back to school for teaching, I worked full time for 6 years at the same agency. I got a promotion but had to resign to complete my student teacher requirement. I would have stayed in my last job had I known you had to be Brian Higgins' nephew, Hopper's niece, Jim Hillery's grandson, or Jim Comerford's daughter to get a PE job in Buffalo.(Those are all facts by the way).

    What you think about my writing depends on your perspective, I guess. This blog has a small following, getting larger every day. Why would I be jealous of you? I'm willing to compete against entitled people like you any day. I pay my bills, taxes, etc.

    People that aren't connected love my blog because it exposes the arrogance of those who are. Thanks for being a valued reader. Keep sucking up to those around you. It's all you got.

  6. You're not willing to compete. You don't even post responses by people that strike a nerve with you. That's cowardice.

  7. Why don't you tell my readers about cowardice Mr.I send comments every day but I'm too much of a coward to sign my name?

    You know why you don't sign your name. Because you know I would expose who you or your family have sucked up to to get where you are in life. Your friends would read it and say...yep. Blogger's right again. None of your comments have ever struck a nerve with me. I have no problem sleeping at night.

  8. Mike,

    This person posting anonymously is one of the bravest people I know. And you can take my word for it.
    The lion from the Wizard of Oz

  9. OK I get your point about the Buffalo School District not hiring you. But what is your excuse for not getting hired by any of the other many school districts in WNY. Maybe it is just you. Or maybe everyone knows someone in every district. If that is the case you better find another profession.

  10. It is very tough to get a phys ed position right now. It is the first thing schools are cutting and there are many more applicants than there are spots.

    I had hoped that coaching thousands of kids in the city for 19 years would give me an advantage in the city. I figured that might mean something more than the spoiled relatives of the South Buffalo inbred elite. I have no desire to teach in the suburbs and will find another profession if I have to. Right now, I'm working as a building sub (5 days/week) and a part time blogger.

    My organizational skills (150-800 kids/yr) speak for itself. People are reading this blog every day and talking about it in a positive manner.

  11. Give 'em hell, Blakey! Don't you just love these 5th generation South Buffalo political hacks and their pretzel logic? Ha ha! These half-educated ignoramouses never do anything on their own. They wouldn't know how! That's why they play the game of sleazy local politics. Weasels! None of them have any kind of political philosophy or belief, other than landing a soft city/county/state job where they can come and go as they please, and tell everyone how important they and their families are. I'd venture not one of these bums has so much as an Associates Degree, much less a Bachelor's degree. Typical!

  12. thank you.the 5th generation political hacks all have the same inbred look to them. can't do anything on their own. go to big schools and predictably flop. then it's "my back" or "my knee".

    my question to the previous writer is why don't you tell us about the "incident" in Washington? many people are bringing it up to me.

  13. Sounds like your not in the loop, maybe no one likes you because your a pussy, did you ever think this is the way stuff works and you have to suck it up and do your part. Swallow your pride and get what ya want. Its not hard, a little foot work and some Donations and you can start making waves. Cheers.

  14. thanks for enlightening me. maybe some day, i'll be "in the loop." i always thought being a pussy was when you're 6 ft 6 and you come home from holy cross to your mommy and daddy from after being tackled too hard.i'll see you at the gus macker.

    let's remember: one of us signs his name. the other hides behind stupid monikers.