Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Price gouging at HSBC: Has anyone seen our empty suit mayor?

People (mostly out of towners) are being forced to pay $50 to park near the HSBC Arena by a group that does tons of business with the city. What does our empty suit mayor Byron Brown think about all of this? He says the city is powerless to tell a private business how much they can charge. A private businessman who is asking the residents of the city to pay for the Statler Building's renovation.

That's who you elected. A wimp in an expensive suit. Do you think that would be the same response we'd get if Rudy Giuliani or Richard Daley were mayor? Hell no. Those guys actually want to lead. If Jimmy Griffin were alive, he'd probably have gone down there and confronted Pay2Park owner Mark Croce personally...

"Sixty dollars for the day?" asked Pat Crawford, of Stratford, Ont. "That's outrageous. It's not even that much for a [Toronto Maple] Leafs game, and they like to gouge you."

Wayne Edwards of Ottawa, attending the game with his father, Gary, said he usually pays $11 to park at Scotiabank Place there. They paid $60 parking for the three games Tuesday.

"Man, oh, man, they ought to give you a [hockey jersey] for that amount," Wayne Edwards said.

Worse than Croce giving the city a black eye is the mayor's reluctance to condemn it. We're already making the Canadian fans wait two hours at the Peace Bridge because of our leaders inabilities to solve problems. There is nothing that can be done about that right now. However, I'm glad Buffalonians are seeing firsthand, they reelected a wimp.



  1. There's a charge in the New York State Penal Code called Criminal Usury, and with these unbelievably high rates I'm tempted to say it almost fits. What a rip-off!

  2. Very interesting. I'm usually for a free market, but this is like when they charged $10 for a bottle of water at the last Woodstock. What a terrible way to thank our Canadian neighbors for coming here.