Monday, October 1, 2012

Lockport moving towards police state

More proof that traffic laws are most often enforced as a means for the city, town, village to make a profit off the backs of it's citizenry...

LOCKPORT - As it scrounges for money to balance a difficult 2013 city budget, the Common Council heard a pitch last week from Police Chief Lawrence M. Eggert to hire a new officer and place him on traffic enforcement full time.

"There's a fairly excellent chance that could pay for itself," Eggert told the aldermen. "I was doing some research, and traffic people pay for themselves about 4-to-1."

I can't even believe this fool was arrogant enough to bring this up at a meeting. Let's hire a full time traffic cop. Even though there is no need for one, it will bring the town tons of money, so the politicians can hire more of their underachieving kids. What a joke.

These lowlifes hide behind buildings and at the bottom of hills and "catch" people on very ticky tacky offenses. I can see if someone's talking on a cell phone or not wearing their seat belt, but that is not usually the case. This is not what our founding fathers had envisioned. In fact, it's one of the reasons they fled England.  

If I lived in Lockport and saw this in today's paper, I'd be outraged. You can't even drive through some of these towns in WNY without worrying about being harassed and pulled over to make the town a profit. Now, they're not even trying to hide it and even "pretend" that it has anything to do with public safety. They're showing up to meetings and openly admitting it's a money making scam. Lockportonians: Stand up to the police chief. Do not support this unnecessary harassment/tax. Or, as the career politicians like to call it, "revenue".

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