Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Buffalo Tiger-Cats


Moving all the Bills' home games to Hamilton, Ontario is a terrific idea, said nobody ever. Local developer Rocco Termini must be jealous of Carl Paladino hogging the "crazy" label all for himself if he thinks people will fall for this. I don't know if anyone explained to Termini that Hamilton is in another country and the team would then have no ties to Buffalo whatsoever. 

Why don't they just play all their home games in Moscow? We can still call the team the Buffalo Bills. 90% of WNYorkers think Termini is on crack, based on a poll WBEN has on the topic today. I am so sick of hearing about the Bills potentially leaving. I've followed the team since I was eight years old, but if they left, I'd very easily find something else to do with my time. When they lose a game, I'm upset for about 30 seconds, 35 seconds if it's close. 

If the NFL doesn't want teams with loyal fans in blue collar cities, then leave. I remember when professional football was a blue collar sport followed by working class people. It's gotten so big, it's become all about luxury boxes and revenue. I think most people are in agreement. Moving to Hamilton is a terrible idea.
Rocco Termini Announces Idea to Move the Buffalo Bills to Hamilton, Ontario |

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