Friday, October 19, 2012

Go away Chuck

Like a fungus that won't go away, Chuck Swanick refuses to leave the WNY political scene. Despite repeated requests by voters to do so. Don't believe for a second that Sweaterhead knocked on 7,000 doors. In fact, don't believe a word this man says. If that were true, 6,000 people would have asked him to leave their property. I have no preference in this race, but I can tell you a vote for Chuckles is a wasted vote.

He's taking a lot of money from Pro-Family groups to run. Swanick was in office way too long and should be ashamed to show his face in Erie County again after decades of failed leadership on the Erie County Legislature. His tenure was marked by the mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of young people. It took years, but the people are finally onto him. People who worked with Swanick at CSX describe him as a "blowhard." Don't waste your vote. Vote for one of the Gynies  but don't vote for Swanick. He's an opportunist with no core values. If the Gay Rights groups were offering him money, he'd be with them. It just happens that the other group is pulling his strings this time. Don't fall for this used car salesman. Please let this be the last time I see this guy's face in print.

Swanick resumes State Senate campaign*

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