Saturday, October 27, 2012

NFL picks with Buddy and the Rooster

Mercifully, the NFL scheduling Gods have given Bills fans a bye this week, just in time for Hurricane Sandy. This season has reminded me of a 16 week wake. All we heard all summer was how great this team was going to be. Mario Williams has looked more like Mario Andretti. Last week, they lost a highly winnable game leaving Western New Yorkers frustrated. But not me. Since I don't have cable, I caught about half of one quarter and then found something else to occupy my time.


Speaking of upset, Buddy the Book was furious at his Alma Mater's performance last week at Fitzpatrick Field. The Timon Tigers lost to Canisius in a close game. "It's all about tackling", said Buddy. Arm tackles will not get it done against a tough team like the Crusaders." Tonight, Timon hopes to get back on track with a win against St. Francis Was-a-sissy. For some reason, St. Francis isn't as good in years when they don't have 25 year old Canadian recruits in their backfield.

Buddy is again sticking with his beloved Tigers. He's also predicting a St. Blows victory over Canishus in another chapter of their storied rivalry.He's also taking the lowly KC Chiefs with the points, Philly, Carolina, and his cherished Boston Patriots.


The City Hall Rooster has been laying low these days, setting up his nest at the local OTB. But he did check in with these picks...

When Mac woke up late Sunday after killing forty beers with someone we wont mention, he commended me on me picking the Bills. He slept through the last couple of minutes and into the late game. He asked me if I would keep picking the Bills. I confidently answered and said that I would pick the Bills this week not to lose.Its the safest bet I've ever made. Thank God for the bye week.

If you have nothing to do join me at the McKinley OTB. At least there your heart will be broken by a nag. You can visit with some of the Boys from Felony Farms or Mingle with Mac ( Mingling with Mac sounds like a new reality show ).This week, I'm takin the Jets - 2.5,the cowboys +2.5 Tennessee -3.5, The Packers - whatever. In a game that the line bothers me, we have Pitt giving the Redskins 4.5. The red flag is up.The Giants couldn't slow RG3, so how can the Steelers? Hmmm.Take Pittsburgh minus the points. 

We go to Spokane, Washington where a high school player connects on a 67 yard field goal to send the game into overtime. This one looks like it may have been good from 68 yards...

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