Monday, October 22, 2012

Why didn't we think of this?


"Hey, something doesn't taste right with this hot dog." Police in New Jersey uncovered a warehouse where fake Heintz Ketchup was being manufactured and sold. It's hard to believe any type of organized crime would be taking place in New Jersey. Come to think of it, the last bottle of ketchup I purchased from the Brothers Deli in Lackawanna did kind of taste like New Jersey...

DOVER, N.J. (CNN/News 12 New Jersey) -Nearly 2,000 bottles of ketchup were left in a stuffy warehouse in New Jersey. Some of the bottles exploded and spilled, attracting flies and sending a nasty stench next door to neighbors who alerted authorities.

Officials with Dover's Health and Zoning Board came to investigate and found nearly 50,000 pounds of ketchup. They also found empty bottles, labels with the Heinz logo, and equipment.

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