Sunday, October 14, 2012

Non traditional hall passes

With decision making skills like this, this next guy should be working for the Buffalo Public Schools. For reasons yet to be explained, the principal of a high school in Hell's Kitchen in New York City replaced traditional, laminated hall passes with two foot long wooden plungers in each classroom. It seemed like a good idea at the time. That was before he realized he was dealing with animals...

The half-baked scheme by the second-year principal at the HS of Graphic Communication Arts that placed 2-foot-long plungers in every classroom last month immediately plunged the school into chaos, a source said.

“The kids were using the plungers to whack each other, to pop ceiling tiles in the bathroom,” the source said. “They were sticking it in the toilet and then flinging them across the classroom.”

The students were probably not returning the regular passes, so the principal decided to replace them with a weapon. In suburban and private schools, hall passes aren't much of an issue because the students only request to use the bathroom when they actually have to use the bathroom. In the cities, you'll get a parade of a dozen students requesting to use the bathroom, so they can go out in the halls and look for their friends. The mainstream journalists will label the students as victims because doing otherwise would be politically incorrect. The fact remains. Many inner city schools are like zoos because of the actions of the students. If you haven't been in a Buffalo Public school recently, you have no idea...

Chaos ensues after principal at violent Hell's Kitchen HS of Graphic Communication Arts replaces hall passes with toilet plungers -

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