Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stop annoying robocalls

When Congress enacted the Do Not Call Registry six years ago, they were nice enough to exempt themselves. Would you expect anything less from this group of career criminals?

Robocalls are another tool the machine backed politicians use to brainwash the elderly voters. Almost every person over 60 in South Buffalo has heard of the name Tim Kennedy because of these harassing phone calls. But unless you actually meet Tim, you would have no way of knowing he is a developmentally challenged adult in a suit.

There is a man trying to change all of this, and I hope his movement spreads...

So there is no manner of legal recourse you can take to stop political calls to your home, but Shaun Dakin has started a non-profit registry called Stop Political Calls.org.

The program calls all state and congressional representatives and asks if they will accept the list of their own constituents who do not want to be called.

While I think these ridiculous calls should be banned all together, I believe this is a positive step in the right direction. If you would like to join this movement or sign up your elderly parents, please go to http://www.stoppoliticalcalls.org/welcome2.html

As of yet, no WNY politician has committed to accepting this list. We will keep an eye on those who accept and those who do not. For the full story from WIVB, please go to...

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