Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sour Shoes

If you never heard of Sour Shoes, you are really missing out. Sour Shoes is the nickname of a 30-something guy from New York City. He's become a regular contributor to various radio shows including the Howard Stern Show.

He is kind of a savant. I'm not sure if he has mild autism or some type of traumatic brain injury, but the man is a genius in certain areas. He does voice imitations of famous people and sounds exactly like them to the point where it's scary. He also is an extremely talented musician. He is sort of a one man band. He showed up on Stern's set (over an hour late) with a contraption of about 12 combined instruments. He instantly plays and sings requests and they sound as flawless as his voice imitations. Sour Shoes is definitely not for everyone, but you have to respect someone this talented. He's like Robin Williams but with this guy, it's hardly an act. He is beginning to have a huge cult following. Check him out here...

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