Sunday, September 30, 2012

From outcast to hero

 Whitney Kropp, third from left, waits for the ceremony to begin, Friday, Sept. 28, 2012, at the Ogemaw Heights High School’s homecoming football game against the Cadillac Vikings in West Branch, Mich. Kropp was named to the homecoming court of the 800-student school earlier this month, but said she felt betrayed after some students suggested her selection was a joke. (AP Photo/Detroit News, John M. Galloway)

"He who laughs last, laughs best."

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."
Matthew 5:5

Great story out of Michigan where a high school Sophomore turned the tables on her tormentors and the community has rallied behind her. Admittedly awkward 16 year old Whitney Kropp was elected to Homecoming Court, as some sort of prank by her much "cooler" classmates. Kropp originally was thrilled, until she realized it had been a cruel joke. That night, she even thought about killing herself, she said later. 

But instead, she decided to go to the Homecoming game and the school dance. When local businesses heard her story, they donated everything from her gown to her jewelry, shoes, and makeup. A Facebook page in her honor has gotten over 94,000 "likes". Orange T-shirts (her favorite color) were sold to students with the slogan, "It's not cool to be cruel."

In a perfect world, the "beautiful people" responsible for this would have been marched out at halftime and made fun of themselves. Kropp was escorted out on the field by her father and grandfather. 

The kids who did this are such losers. I've seen interviews with Kropp on this story and there is nothing wrong with her. She's just a normal teenager facing the same issues as her classmates. I give her and her family much credit for standing up to these little punks.

Community supports Michigan girl elected to homecoming court as part of apparent prank


Out here in the fields
I fight for my meals
I get my back into my living
I don't need to fight
To prove I'm right
I don't need to be forgiven

Don't cry

Don't raise your eye
It's only teenage wasteland...

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