Monday, October 8, 2012

South Park Hall of Fame- Nigel Bostic

South Park High School recently announced their first athletic Hall of Fame class. I found it interesting that they left out Nigel Bostic, probably the greatest athlete to attend the school over the last 30 years. Bostic literally looked and played like a man against boys in both football and basketball. I believe Bostic went to Nebraska to play football, before being asked nicely to leave the state. He ended up at UB, where credit card theft ended his football there. And after his college career ended, Bostic distinguished himself in the business world. From today's Buffalo News...

The gun used to shoot Williams was among some 250 purchased at Ohio gun shows by gun trafficker James Nigel Bostic, formerly of Buffalo, who sold many of the cheap handguns on the streets of Buffalo.

I can't believe after all these years, nothing has really been done to halt the violence on the streets in urban areas. The last few months it seems like someone has been shot dead on a nightly basis on the East side. Could you imagine waking up daily to find out which young person from South Buffalo had been shot the night before? Yet, nothing ever seems to change. 

It seems to me that, if the powers-that-be wanted to prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands, they could. This widespread violence does not happen in most other countries. Sadly, I don't think either Mitt or Barack have the answers,or the will, to change anything.

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