Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mickey Paladino

I found it funny that Mickey Paladino was upset with my recent post about his $7.50/hr job offer to a good friend of mine. What Mickey needs to realize is, that's what I do. If someone lies or takes credit for something they have nothing to do with, I expose them. And that's what people who read this blog have come to expect.

A lot of people wonder why Congressman Brian Higgins has been cool to Mickey since Kearns arrived on the political scene. I guess you have to put yourself in Higgins' shoes. Higgins had worked on Waterfront issues for well over a decade and had made some decent progress. Kearns gets elected to the Common Council and then starts showing up and taking credit for Higgins' work. He was able to fool some naive people for about ten minutes, but even they wised up.

Kearns record on the waterfront is zero. The only thing he's done is call on one study after another. Let's do a study on the Outer Harbor...Let's do a study on the Skyway...Of course, Higgins was furious. Could you imagine investing over a dozen years on a project, and then a B.S. artist shows up and acts like it's his project? That's exactly what Mickey Paladino did. 

One thing I've noticed about WNY politics over the years: If someone gets a reputation as a credit-taker or publicity hound, very few people are willing to work with them and they eventually fizzle out (see Sam Hoyt, Robert Quintana). I would urge Mickey Paladino to reach out to people in his district who have put in the time, and work with them. Instead of offering them $7.50/hour dead end jobs.

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