Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Say no to property tax increase

 When Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz promised to restore funding to cultural groups to get elected, he never said he would raise property taxes to do it.

Don't be fooled by County Executive Mark Poloncarz or the scam artists in the Erie County Legislature. Property taxes do not have to be raised. These people are addicted to spending our money. They're using words like "modest" to describe the proposed tax increase. There is nothing modest about the amount of taxes we already pay around here...

Poloncarz, a Democrat, has described his proposal as a “modest” tax increase that was necessary in order to avoid cuts to discretionary areas of the budget that he pledged to restore when he campaigned for office last year, including the libraries and aid to local cultural organizations.

“We heard from the public last year saying, ‘We demand these services,’ ” Poloncarz told reporters Monday.

So, he promised to restore funding to all the cultural groups to get elected, but never thought about how he would get it done. That's not our fault. Poloncarz made news recently when his brother, a Wegmans chef, was recently given a no-show job at the Erie County Water Authority. Was this a "modest" job?

Career politician Lynn Marinelli joined Poloncarcz in using the libraries and other culturals as an excuse to steal more of our money...

Those services – unlike larger expense items such as federally mandated social service programs – are the areas over which elected officials have the most control.

“They have to indicate to not just myself, but their representatives: Are they willing to pay to have those services?” said Legislator Lynn M. Marinelli, a Town of Tonawanda Democrat. “[Only] 10 percent of the margin of our budget is discretionary.”

Here's my proposal to Poloncarz and Marinelli and anyone else supporting this tax increase: Come up with a plan to restore the culturals without increasing taxes. If you can't do it, don't seek reelection. Read the Blogger's lips: "No new taxes!" The County's tax base is declining because of inept career politicians like Marinelli. Do not be fooled by these lowlifes. Raising property taxes will simply give these crooks more of our money to hire more of their friends and relatives. Spread the word to your friends and help us stop this scam in it's infancy.

Proposed county tax hike gets negative reaction*

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