The Rooster went 5 for 5 last week and Ducky  is reeling.This week, I'm taking the Cardinals + 6 over Minnesota, Indy -2.5 over Cleveland,Oakland -4 over Jacksonville, and Cinci +3 over Pittsburgh. Again, I'm sticking with the Bills.The Titans defense sucks. The Bills run defense has sucked so far this year. Could be a good over play,but be careful this might be an on the  ground day. I think the Bills D will step it up and the Bills will blow Tennessee the finger: Buffalo 34 Titans 17.
This will be the Bills stepping stone to the play offs.Yes I said the Playoffs. Know I didn't drink 90 beers in a weekend like Mac once did in Chicago. This league is right where Pete Rozelle wanted it to be. On any given Sunday, any team can win.The Bills streak started Sunday. When the Bills beat New England in Foxboro in a couple weeks, people will start believing. Lets win it for Ralph will be the cry, or the Gipper or anyone of those dead guys. Whata ya mean Ralph isn't dead?
Buddy The Book
Buddy is still reeling over Bishop Timon's tough loss to Canisius last night. It was cool seeing Stevie Johnson hanging out in the crowd wearing Timon's colors. And from what I hear, it was a very close game. This week, the Book is going with Green Bay, Houston, Indy, and the 49ers.