Monday, October 29, 2012

Typical Mickey


The Rooster's neighbor asked him if he was interested in a job at a local community center. The job paid a whopping $7.50/hour for 20 hours a week. A job like that is basically volunteer work. It's not worth the cost of gas getting one to and from the location. It's a job Mickey Kearns wouldn't have done if his life depended on it.

Two days later,  Kearns calls the Rooster and says he has procured a job for him ($7.50/hr at the community center). The Rooster explained to our elected liar that his neighbor offered him the same job earlier in the week. This guy will lie about anything if he thinks it will make him look good. Is he that dumb, that he thought he was doing the Rooster a favor? Why doesn't he just tell him, I'm not interested in helping you?  I am in Carl's pockets now and don't need your help anymore.

$80,000/yr plus an extra $20,000 in committee benefits for a guy specializing in fluff and nonsensical studies. I'm telling you. I educated you on other politicians. Mickey is exactly the same. The word will get out to people soon enough. I'm still waiting for him to propose one Albany reform, but not holding my breath.

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