Wednesday, October 3, 2012

He's at it again...

Mickey Kearns sent a letter to a New York state official yesterday. Was he calling for Speaker Sheldon Silver to resign immediately? Demanding that the tolls not be increased to local truckers? Speaking out against the ridiculous raises his colleagues in Albany are planning on voting themselves in January?

None of the above. Mickey's calling for...yawn...another study...From WNED...

Kearns sent a letter to New York State DOT Commissioner Joan McDonald Tuesday requesting an Environmental Impact Study and cost estimate for removal of the Buffalo Skyway.
"There has never been a study to see what the true cost would be to take the Skyway down."

It's too soon to say whether the DOT will follow through on Kearns request. He says just doing the study could cost about $3 million.

Just what we need. Another $3 million dollar study from the King of All Studies. We're still waiting for Mickey to speak out against Silver using our money to settle sexual discrimination lawsuits against other Assemblymen towards their female staffers.  I guess it's easy to talk tough when you're out campaigning. A different story once you're in office collecting a ridiculously high salary for a part time job...

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