Wednesday, October 3, 2012

South Buffalo man running for a cause

  Harry Scull Jr./Buffalo News

Above, Marty Gregoire, 37,  trains for his next 5K race on a treadmill at Buffalo Rehabilitation recently. At left, he wears a shirt with the names of 83 young people who also have cerebral palsy.

Whenever you hear a story about a South Buffalo guy running, it's usually from the cops. But this next cat deserves an instant spot in the Blogger's Hall of Fame. Marty Gregoire, of South Buffalo, is a runner with Cerebral Palsy, whose been raising money through local 5K races to help other people with the condition. From Gene Warner's Buffalo News column...

Last October, Marty Gregoire of South Buffalo ran a local 5K road race for a 5-year-old girl from Ireland named Casey Fitzgerald. He put a photo of her on his running bib, and he collected pledges, eventually raising about 400 euros that helped pay for the young girl’s surgical procedure.

The youngest of 16 children from West Seneca, Gregoire is helping people all over the world with CP regain their mobility...

Last October, the answer was Casey Fitzgerald, whose only dream has been to dance and walk independently.

“What’s more innocent than a kid who wants to dance?” Gregoire asked. “Kids with CP or any other form of disability, they have big dreams, high hopes, big expectations, just like everyone else. They want to get on a school bus with their friends, walk across a campus or, to fast-forward, get down the aisle on their wedding day.”

The man has found a great cause and is profoundly impacting the lives of others. To read the full article, please check out...
S. Buffalo man with CP dedicated to running for those who can’t - The Buffalo News

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