Sunday, October 21, 2012

Local scammer targeting the elderly on S. Park


If you have elderly relatives living in South Buffalo, please be aware of a prolific scam artist working the South Park neighborhood. Believe it or not, it's not me. 

This guy likes to knock on doors and claim to live on the street. In one case, he even mentioned the name of someone who actually did live on the street. He'll say he's in a bind and needs $20 and that he'll be right back with it. Needless to say, he never comes back. One of the victims followed him to Noco (he went by bus), where he purchased cigarettes and booze. Another man met him there in a car.

I personally know three people who have been harassed by this lowlife. Two of them were taken for money. All three describe him as a very convincing salesman. They all say they didn't realize he was a scammer until a few minutes after he left. The man is described as short and stocky with blonde hair which is turning grey. He appears to have legitimate ties to the neighborhood, based on the proximity of his victims. If this man knocks on your door, do not let him in or give him money. Get a description of his clothes and call South District Police. Also, please spread the word to your relatives. Had I known he went to the Noco gas station, I would have had them look at the surveillance video to identify this crack baby. Unfortunately, this was several months ago.

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