Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Rooster's picks

The City Hall Rooster is not shy about who he thinks will win this week's NFL games. He's even sticking with the Bills down in the desert.

By the way, I saw that Bishop Timon defeated St. Blows last night 17-14 as Buddy the Book correctly predicted. Today, I witnessed the celebration at the end of Notre Dame's overtime victory over Stanford. This, to me, is football. Played in small towns under the lights on natural grass, sometimes in the rain. Both games had wild celebrations at the end of them that you just don't see in today's Hollywood NFL with their luxury boxes and high priced free agents. From the Rooster...

The Jets owner said Tim Teboo will play out his entire contract with the Jets. The only problem is he will be pumping gas at one of the owners stations. Rex Ryan will be the counter person. But that doesn't stop me from takin the Jets  - 3.5 this week. Sanchez will flounder and Teboo will come to the rescue. Monday morning the N.Y. daily News will be calling him a savior.

I'm goin with the Browns + 2 over the Bungles. Im takin Detroit + 4 over Philly. Denver + 2 over San diego. Phillip Rivers and Norv Turner will have that puzzled look on their faces at halftime. Last but not the least, I'm stickin with the Bills. Why? I don't know. I'm trying to figure out how Fitzpickoff can keep his job.I haven't seen anything this pitiful since Ray McGurn kept McGavis on the field in softball games.Oh, Well. Just wondering, is Ralph Wilson dead?

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