Monday, October 1, 2012

McCarthy's take on Senate race

 Tim Kennedy (above), clearly in coverup mode, refused to meet with Buffalo News columnist Bob McCarthy this week.

Buffalo News columnist Bob McCarthy knows a thing or two about local politics. He's the latest in a long line of media people to accurately describe Tim "Hortons" Kennedy's political career as being on the brink of collapse. From yesterday's Politics Column...

Albany sources indicate his Democratic colleagues now express serious concern about his future viability. They like stability in their caucus.

And Kennedy now finds himself plunged into eternal fund-raising mode. He learned on Sept. 13 that spending around $400,000 on a Senate primary can translate into a lead of less than 300 votes.
And, oh yes. Grant spent about $20,000.

 McCarthy, who now refers to Kennedy with the hilarious moniker "Landslide", tried to interview Higgins' favorite Yes-man, but Timmy was afraid of what he might have been asked...

Kennedy would not speak to the Politics Column about the election. The column wanted to ask him what happened. And it would have proven most enlightening to hear his version.

His spokesman (yes - state senators have spokesmen) said he was "spending time with the family" after the campaign. But others are talking. One veteran Buffalo pol observed Kennedy forces failed to motivate the South Buffalo base.

Not true. The South Buffalo base was motivated. It just wasn't motivated by Kennedy. It was motivated by the Blogger, not to vote for Brian Higgins' incompetent pool boy. Everywhere I've gone this week, people have been thanking me for keeping them informed on this race. Now, I smell blood, and Little Timmy and Uncle Brian better prepare themselves for a battle. The stage is set.

When you represent only one tiny, privileged section of South Buffalo (like Kennedy does), eventually you will collapse like a house of cards. McCarthy is right about something else. He predicts tons of opponents in two years for the rotund Redhead...

But now anyone with an ounce of politics will be gunning for Kennedy. They will see that even backed by piles of campaign money, a hard-working opponent like Grant can pose a serious challenge with no money.

Sometimes politics is a tough biz. Just ask Landslide Kennedy.

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