Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I guess it should come as no surprise. I've been hearing, "They're going to come after you, you know?" for over a year now. I guess the surprising thing is how weak and predictable their "attack" was. I received this letter the other day from residency violator "East Aurora" Jim Comerford's office alleging high grass and peeling paint (despite the fact that we always cut our grass in a timely fashion and the house has no paint on it):

If this is the best that the residency violator can come up with, I don't know whether to be mad at him or embarrassed for him. I do consider it a blatent, albeit very weak form of retaliation. The letter says to call within 30 days or face fines, so I called the number on the letter (East Aurora Jim's #). At 1PM on a Tuesday at city hall, I received his secretary's answering machine. Isn't it great that we're paying a guy (who doesn't do anything himself) to have a secretary to not answer the phone at her desk? Sounds like city hall.

Anyway, I did receive a call today from chief Building Inspector (and well known liar/embellisher) Lou Petrucci. I called him back around noon and got his answering machine! I went to lunch enjoying the waning days of my vacation,and who do I see driving by his house at 1:47 PM but Lou Petrucci? I did a quick U-turn and was able to snap this photo of Lou's car in his driveway at 1:51 PM.:


I have to give Lou credit. Since he was done with the day at 2PM, that means he must have been at city hall bright and early today at 5:30AM. That's the type of conscientious worker we need in this city. I would hate to think Lou doesn't work an eight hour day. If we're going to harass law abiding homeowners for ridiculous things, be prepared for more reports like this. I've tried to be above reporting on them but I guess that's what Lou and East Aurora Jim must want.Stay tuned.


  1. hahaha. looks like they're messing with the wrong guy. keep reporting this stuff!

  2. I can't stand when people say "Did you hear about so and so or Did you hear what happened" I would say "No? What happened?" they follow up by saying "Oh I really shouldn't say, I don't want to gossip."

    Are you fucking kidding me OUT WITH IT!