Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We found your other sock...

West Seneca police found a guy parked behind Wimbledon Plaza yesterday naked, except for one sock, with pornographic materials spread out all over the front seat and dashboard. He was apprehended after leaving the scene and fleeing from the cops. The suspect is now sharing a cell at the Erie County Holding Center with the guy from Cheektowaga who tried to cook his cat last week:

A man wearing just a sock led police on a short chase through West Seneca early this
morning, before police located his van ... with pornographic photos inside ... and found him hiding nearby. The incident began at about 4:15 a.m., when Lt. Edward Baker checked on a suspicious van behind Wimbledon Plaza and found pornographic photos spread across the front seat and dashboard. The lieutenant also found an occupant in the back seat, wearing only one sock. The man in the van wouldn't get out of the vehicle and instead fled from the scene in the van, almost getting into an accident on Center Road before the pursuing lieutenant lost sight of him on a
side street. The fleeing driver ditched the van at a Seneca Street collision shop, before Baker found him hiding on top of a nearby abandoned travel trailer.

Baker charged Garrett Scheg, 37, of no permanent address, with seven misdemeanors, including unlawfully fleeing from police, public display of offensive sexual material and public lewdness. West Seneca police have had at least one recent report of similar activity in a van spotted in the town.

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