Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The letter

A six page scathing letter was released today by the state education department urging the Buffalo Public School's administration to set aside their differences and start working with the individual schools:

“This existence of deep divisions within the district among the adults, along with the countless examples of their cancerous effect, must be set aside and replaced with a culture that continually nurtures and supports all of them in fulfilling their professional responsibilities to the children,” wrote Donald A. Ogilvie, superintendent of Erie 1 Board of Cooperative Educational Services.

Dr. Williams had no comment on the letter's findings, which he kept hidden in a shoebox for the past 12 months. It looks like Williams' on again-off again love affair with school board president Ralph Pornandez is off again...

“This information is slow in coming. It’s very disturbing,” said Ralph R. Hernandez, board president. “Williams did have it. He could have released it. But because it was so harsh on him and his administration and the way he did business, he just left it alone.”

How about these clowns stop looking at pornography and just accept the fact that the consistently poor performing schools are just a reflection of who is living in the city? Families who could afford to move out, did so long ago or send their kids to private schools. The charter schools and the better performing Buffalo Public Schools (ie. Olmstead, Discovery, City Honors) get mostly kids from families involved in their children's education. With some exceptions, the poorer performing schools get what is left. It would be great to see these eggheads stop pointing fingers at each other and comparing test scores and figure out a way to get the parents at these schools involved and help these teachers. By the way, we're still waiting for Dr. Williams to release the list of his administrative staff members and their salaries...

Scathing letter rips culture of city schools - The Buffalo News

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