Monday, August 23, 2010

Paladino closing the gap on Lazio

My T-shirts sold well at Carl Paladino's fundraiser at Fontana's Picnic Grove yesterday. I sold about two dozen. I'd like to thank Paladino's staff for their great help. They were very nice and helped me get set up. They were very busy but took the time to tell others about my shirts, and even bought some themselves.

Everyone keeps saying people that oppose the current government are angry people. I did not witness that yesterday. I had many conversations with small business people who just want to sell their products without being overtaxed and having the government dictate every part of their lives. Most are not the racists that the national media are trying to portray them as.

Paladino is at least talking about issues. He was the first to oppose the mosque at Ground Zero. Cuomo and Lazio waited until their handlers told them what stance they needed to take. Hopefully, Paladino will close the gap on Lazio and give a real challenge to Andrew "Status Quo-mo." Lazio has been working really hard after being handed the Republican endorsement. Here's a photo of him taken out on the campaign trail recently...

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