Monday, August 9, 2010

Floatables speak at news conference

The Buffalo News reports that a whole lot of crap is ending up in the Great Lakes. Some tree huggers are calling it a "sewage crisis."
They're branding it a "sewage crisis" in the Great Lakes.
A new study has found that five cities -- including Buffalo -- dumped 41 billion gallons of untreated sewage and dirty storm water into the Great Lakes last year.
How much is 41 billion gallons? That's how much water flows over Niagara Falls in a 15-hour period.
They called in the big guns for this news conference: "High pants" Higgins was there along with "CEO" Dave Comerford. Who is this Julie O'Neill?Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper? Go jump in the river crackpot. She shows way too much enthusiasm in this clip and appears to be sucking up to the lowlifes at the news conference. Be very weary when a citizen activist tells you how great your public servants are. It's almost always an indication they are looking for something (a job, money, large pizza, etc). What the hell is a riverkeeper anyway?

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